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MUSystem Help:

Here’s How to Test MUSystem in DEMO Mode

Before you start participating in MUSystem with real ether (that is, with real money), you can try and test MUSystem with VIRTUAL ether in DEMO mode.

In parallel with the MAIN smartcontract in the MAIN Ethereum network, there is an identical TEST smartcontract in the TEST Ethereum network.


On this page - only about working with the TEST smartcontract to work only in DEMO mode with VIRTUAL ether.

This video shows all the steps - creating a TEST wallet, getting a VIRTUAL ether, depositing and withdrawing.

It is recommended to watch it completely.

We will work with MyEtherWallet. So, go to 


Chapter 1. Switching to the TEST Ethereum network.

To switch to the test network in the drop-down list in the right corner of the page, you need to select the item

"Ropsten (myetherwallet.com)".

You are connected to the TEST Ethereum network.

To subsequently switch back to the MAIN Ethereum network, you will need to select the item "ETH (myetherwallet.com)" at the top of this drop-down list.

Chapter 2. Creating a wallet in the TEST Ethereum network.

Creating your TEST wallet is no different from creating a wallet in the MAIN network. Once again, make sure that you are working on the test network. Then follow the instructions to create a wallet, as shown on this page:

Create MyEtherWallet (click to open in a new window).

Write down the address of the test wallet and save the keystore file and private key so you do not mix it up with your wallets from the main network.

Chapter 3. Getting a VIRTUAL Ether.

Go to http://faucet.ropsten.be:3001/

Enter your testnet wallet address and click "Send me 1 test ether"

After a while your TEST wallet will be loaded for 1 VIRTUAL ether. 

Go back into your TEST wallet to see it.

Chapter 4. Interacting with the TEST smartcontract.

The interaction with the TEST smartcontract does not differ from the interaction with the MAIN smartcontract. All functions are completely identical. The only difference is the addresses of the smartcontracts.

Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com/#contracts 

and get access to the TEST smartcontract.

Below is the data (address & ABI) for accessing the TEST smartcontract.

At the same time, open the page about the Deposit function 

(click to open in a new window).

Done! Donating and receiving VIRTUAL ether in DEMO mode, creating as many wallets-accounts as you wish, you can always test MUSystem without spending real ether (that is, real money!).

It is recommended to try all the functions to understand the principles of interaction with the smartcontract. Do not be afraid, because you are working in the TEST network and if something goes wrong, you can always start again.

Chapter 5. Viewing TEST smartcontract Statistics.

As in the case of the MAIN smartcontact, you can always see all the statistics of the TEST one. When you (or someone else) buys or sells tokens, the corresponding transaction is instantly displayed in statistics.

Here you can see the TEST smartcontract statistics: 


Here you can see the TEST MUS tokens statistics:


Here you can see ALL the TEST withdrawals:


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